Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera 2008

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Case Basse di Gianfranco Soldera 2008

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Sku 13552
Size 750ML
Vintage 2008

"From the Winery: Dense yet surprisingly ethereal, this wine wafts with pure Sangiovese Grosso fruit, fresh-cut herbs, wildflowers, cypress trees and earth. On the palate, the wine fills the mouth with fruit, coats it with fine-grained tannins, and builds to a spice and mineral inflected finish. Soldera had, since his first harvest in 1975, always vinified the same way--aging his wine traditionally in large Slavonian oak for five years and then an additional six to 12 months in bottle before release--but in 2008, Soldera shifted his protocol, aging partly in botti and finishing the wine’s aging in stainless steel before bottling. Although no longer called a Brunello, this ’08 Rosso IGT is a Soldera Brunello in everything but its name; it’s a powerful yet scintillating wine, and it belongs in the cellars of serious Brunello enthusiasts.

Gianfranco Soldera is regarded by many as the most accomplished craftsman of Brunello—a fanatical, uncompromising perfectionist who operates something of a viticultural wonderland, presenting nature in an idealized context. Terroir is the word at Soldera’s Case Basse estate. He set out to find a great piece of land—scouring Piemonte, the Veneto, and Toscana—and settled at an abandoned, decrepit Montalcino farmhouse in 1972, planting his minute plots, Case Basse (approximately 2 hectares) and Intistieti (approximately 4.5), over a two-year period (1972 and ’73, respectively). He chose to plant Sangiovese exclusively, believing it to be the only grape that possessed a genuine synergy with the land.

What he’s done with that Sangiovese has become Montalcino’s most captivating modern legend, a tale that is set in a magical kingdom of sorts.The Case Basse estate effectually constitutes an idyllic habitat, one which has been designed to operate in a state of continuous balance, honored through a complex yet wholly organic operation. It is here that the animal kingdom reflects its most perfect self, as every contributor is there for a reason. The wife of Soldera, Graziella, nurtures her own domain in this resplendent world—a rose garden featuring over 1,500 species.

As is to be expected, Soldera exercises a precise and meticulous regimen in the vineyard, privileging a painstaking by hand approach to several procedures. Brunellos issuing from this realm constitute their own category, being unrivaled by any other expression that bears the Montalcino designation.

Ironically, Soldera’s labeling methodology doesn’t reflect the meticulous precision defining his viticultural operations; in fact, it’s the only element of his world that’s rather undisciplined. Soldera drew upon Intistieti exclusively in his early years of Brunello production, as its soils were poorer than those of Case Basse, rendering it the more suited of the two to delivering wines of structure. As the estate’s eponymous cru was growing into its future role as a source of profound Brunellos, Soldera put it to use in a Vino da Tavola Rosso bottling that is effectually the equivalent of a present-day Rosso di Montalcino. However, it wasn’t the only one that was being used in the Vino da Tavola role: When a wine failed to merit Soldera’s exacting qualitative specifications for the Brunello di Montalcino designation, it was classified as Vino da Tavola Intistieti. The first of these was made in 1985 and while its early successors did indeed represent their source, Soldera changed things up—to great confusion—in the 1987 vintage, as the wine released under the Intistieti label was sourced from Case Basse. The rationale behind the somewhat misleading label? Nothing more profound than the fact that Soldera liked the Intistieti name, a personal preference that he chose to exercise again in both 1988 and 1991. But this somewhat irrational modus operandi doesn’t end there. In the 1990 vintage, Case Basse made its debut Brunello showing, while Intistieti served as the source of Soldera’s Riserva. In some years, though, the normale Brunello is wholly a Case Basse production, while in others, like 1996, it is a blend of the best from both crus. Also, in 1995, Soldera produced the first riserva from Casse Basse; in 2001, both crus delivered riservas.

A Soldera wine can be difficult to translate in words, being prone to dramatic changes in intervals of mere seconds. Perhaps Soldera captured it best when he asked Sergio Esposito, Can' you taste the Case Basse in my wines? But that taste, as indicated above, is elicited and carefully transmitted through an organic methodology and precise viticultural and vinification techniques."



Vinous: 97 Points

After the highly unusual and exotic 2007, the 2008 Toscana Sangiovese marks a return to a more classic Soldera style. Here the flavors are quite bold and savory, while the structure is that of a wine built for aging. Sage, rosemary, tobacco, mint and leather notes wrap around a core of dark red stone fruits as this vivid, crystalline wine shows off its personality and pedigree. Readers lucky enough to find the 2008 are in for a thrill.

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